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Sheet music is currently available as a PDF download.  This digital copy is intended for the purchaser's use only, and is not to be shared or reproduced with others besides the purchaser/performers.

The Canvas (piano solo)

The Canvas (piano solo)


Early-advanced piano solo. Key of F major. 5 pages.

Click here for an audio sample!

Composer's Notes: Like most works of art, this piece started with a small idea and blossomed outward.  I've always loved major chords with a raised fourth scale degree, and that was all it took to inspire this piece.  When I play this piece, I imagine a painter patiently working his magic until the abstract becomes clear.  Fun fact: The original title of this piece was going to be "The Mermaid", because I think sharp-four sounds so exotic in a major key.  :) Which title suits the piece better, in your opinion?

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