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Sheet music is currently available as a PDF download.  This digital copy is intended for the purchaser's use only, and is not to be shared or reproduced with others besides the purchaser/performers.

Three Thoughts, II. What Kind of Thoughts (soprano)

Three Thoughts, II. What Kind of Thoughts (soprano)


Solo for piano and high voice.  Key of C.  5 pages.

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Composer's Notes: "What Kind of Thoughts" is the second installment in my song cycle, "Three Thoughts".  I found that a mellow jazz mood in a simple key was the perfect vehicle for this text.  The melody is catchy, with lilting rhythm and expression.  The text was written by an African American woman in the 19th century, and is beautiful in its introspection.  "What kind of thoughts do you carry day by day?"  It's an important reminder to make sure our thoughts are centered on beautiful things, and not the negative!

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