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The Becker Sisters duo is the partnership of soprano, Alyssa Becker, and pianist/composer, Kirsten Becker.  Together, they specialize in fresh contemporary classical, traditional art songs, and seasonal themed programs.  Alyssa's effervescent soprano voice and Kirsten's thoughtful piano arrangements combine to make this a special pairing.  The sister duo has been entertaining audiences since 2018.  Their debut album, Love and Thought, was released in February 2022. Keep an eye out for their upcoming podcast, Music: The Poetry of the Air.

Love & Thought is the debut album of The Becker Sisters, comprised of sibling performers Alyssa (soprano) and Kirsten (piano). The twelve tracks are composed by Kirsten Becker, and include texts from amateur poets as well as classic writers of the 19th and 20th centuries. The album fuses a variety of musical styles: neo-classical, contemporary art song, folk, opera, and jazz.  Alyssa's soaring soprano voice pair well with Kirsten's emotive piano accompaniment.  Tracks include tender ballads, such as "Goodnight, My Friend" and "Heavensong", as well as the introspective and dramatic numbers: "Silver Stars" and "Valley".

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