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Sheet music is currently available as a PDF download.  This digital copy is intended for the purchaser's use only, and is not to be shared or reproduced with others besides the purchaser/performers.

Dreaming in Red (piano solo)

Dreaming in Red (piano solo)


Advanced piano solo. Key of Gb major. 6 pages.

Click here for an audio sample:

Composer's Notes: When I wrote Dreaming in Red, I imagined a ballerina dancing with sweeping elegance, or an Indian dancer swirling scarves all around her. The opening section contains descending and ascending octaves in a pentatonic scale, which gives the music a broad, exotic sound. The melody eventually becomes less modal, but it continues to climb up and down the keys. There are very few tempo changes in this piece; it just keeps drifting and flowing along until the very end, which gives it a zen/dream-like quality.

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