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Sheet music is currently available as a PDF download.  This digital copy is intended for the purchaser's use only, and is not to be shared or reproduced with others besides the purchaser/performers.

I. Kaleidoscope (four-hands)

I. Kaleidoscope (four-hands)


Advanced duet for four-hands, one piano. Key of A-minor. 12 pages.

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Composer's Notes: "Kaleidoscope" is the first movement of "The Mirror Suite".  The piece opens with some fun percussive extended piano techniques.  There are a variety of themes in this piece, including a quirky opening chromatic motif, a militaristic anthem, a restless middle section, and an abstract "searching" section, which sounds like the hands are asking each other questions.  I thought that this concept of themes circulating in and out would lend well to the title, Kaleidoscope.  This piece does well as a stand-alone, and does not necessarily need to be programmed with the other movements.

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