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Sheet music is currently available as a PDF download.  This digital copy is intended for the purchaser's use only, and is not to be shared or reproduced with others besides the purchaser/performers.

Three Thoughts, I. Love and Thought (soprano)

Three Thoughts, I. Love and Thought (soprano)


Solo for piano and high voice.  Key of Eb. 7 pages.

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Composer's Notes: I really tried to depict the two themes of the text: love and thought, as imagined by Robert Frost in his poem "Bond and Free".  Love struck me as being grounded, preoccupied with things on earth.  Thought was much more ethereal and boundless.  I had a specific rhythmic scheme and key center for Love, and a contrasting theme for Thought.  I think the two dualities pair well together and help give clarity to the text, which is somewhat abstract on its own.

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